Bespoke davits

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As part of our role as a complete safety systems designer we understand that it may not always be possible to make our standard davit systems fit your needs, we can both adapt our current davit systems but also design from the ground up completely bespoke davits.


2-Position davit in use by a client

Some examples of reasons you may need a bespoke davit are;



Our standard davits can be customised to almost any height upto 2m for our 1m reach arms and upto 1.7m for our 1.5m reach arms.

Need more reach? We offer larger davits for upto 2.5m of reach while still being man portable and easy to assemble.

All davits can be made smaller to accommodate space constraints.



5 hole 3 gusset 500_compressedWe can adapt all our bases to fit your specific requirements, for example;245 complete_compressed