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The Davit Arm



The Safety Engineering Products Davit Arm is a light weight, man portable device for use with our wide range of Davit bases, including cast in and bolt on bases in a rage of heights and surface clearances

The Davit system is designed as a rope support for one user to use as a divert for rope access equipment to avoid obstacles and connect to a structural anchor. It is purposed to have an anchor point on the Davit Base that can be used for one user to work from height.


The Davit system will generally be placed in areas where access is needed to the side of a building where it may be unsuitable to use a ground level crane or conventional abseil points, this may include; Multi-story buildings that may be in areas where use of a ground lift would be restricted such as high traffic areas or densely packed cities, buildings with balustrading or parapet walls that would interfere with a normal abseil anchor such as balconies or publicly accessible roofing.














Obstacle clearance and outreach

Our davit systems come in two main variants, 1m outreach and 1.5m outreach.

Our 1.5m arm allows for up-to a 1.5m obstacle clearance while still maintaining at least 1m of working reach and up-to 1.2m with a working reach of at least 1.25m. Our 1m arms offer the same clearances with a working reach of 0.5m and 0.75m respectively.






















Download our Davit System Operation and maintenance manual:

Operation and Maintenance manual 1.5m rev4      

Operation and Maintenance manual 1m rev4

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