CableSafe Horizontal Lifeline System

Employing a horizontal flexible anchor line

Safety Engineering Products Limited manufactures and distribute the CableSafe system to its extensive base of Registered Installers.


The CableSafe System can be fitted to all types of roof sheet by the use of  several differently designed posts. These include Composite, membrane, standing seam, concrete, internal steel structure. It may be possible to fit to other roof types with consultation from the Installer or Manufacturer.


Every installed system will be designed for purpose, with calculations being carried out ensure that it is of acceptable design for the system to work correctly.In some cases calculations may be required for the integrity of structural support that the CableSafe anchor devices or structural anchors will attach to. These anchors are to be installed to the strict adherence to BS 7883 and the manufacturer’s instructions. The anchors may be at up to a 10 m centre in any one run when using the CableSafe Horizontal Lifeline.


Fixtures & Fittings

All fixtures and fittings are specific to the type of structure that is being installed to,  these may be Aluminium rivets, Stainless Steel Toggle Bolt, Aluminium Clamps or resin anchors.

All ‘CableSafe’ Posts are made from Stainless Steel to ensure the longevity of the product, with 4 different categories being used for fixing to the majority of roof  types. We also engineer specific to customers requirements for a more unusual roof.

Membrane sarna install

Membrane post with CableSafe device installed


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SEP Cablesafe Catalog