Abseil systems

Abseil posts and anchor systems

We make a range of different abseil anchors to suit many different situations including wall mount and roof mount systems.

Below are some examples of standard products that we produce however these can be tailor made to your specifications or we can work with you to design a completely bespoke system to suit your job.



Floor mount Our anchors offer two attachment points so they can be used in conjunction with one other post to provide anchor points for both the live line and the safety line.

Mushroom post

The domed cap of the mushroom post sheds water away from the seam where the weather-proofing meets the post

Our specialist “Mushroom Post” can be made in a range of height clearances and features four separate attachment points for up-to two lines which makes it suitable for corner positions where it may be Mushroom post topfavourable to allow access from two sides.









Below is an example of a standard wall mount bracket, however an example of a tailored change made to these is the distance from the wall to where the anchor is positioned as this allows things such as cowling and insulation etc. to be taken into account.




One of our 500mm tall two point abseil anchors assembled and awaiting packaging.

Website photos -4

















Single and double short abseil anchors packed and awaiting dispatch.

Website photos -3 Single attachment on pallet